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— Cory the "ankle-breaker"

CoryxKenshin is a YouTuber with (as of March 2021) 9 million subscribers. He's been a YouTuber for about 12 years now, starting in 2009, and is known for being friends with other popular YouTubers, like POiiSED, 8-Bit Ryan, BangBangBrandon, YuB, MavAttack, Dashie, OGChan, runJDrun, Tear of Grace, RaisiM1222, Krptic Unknown, and JAY SAVAGE. He's known for being an ankle-breaking samurai, due to his first victim, Ao Oni. He says "slice that like button" because the like button has a part of the sleeve missing, therefore making it look like a samurai sliced it off.

Early Life

Starting YouTube

Cory was that one anime kid that everyone thought was weird, but in 2009, Cory made his first YouTube video. From that day on, he decided his channel would be one filled with comedy, starting with one subscriber to 9 million subscribers by March 2021. The man is a naturally funny and very positive person. 

He played his first horror game, "White Finger". Cory started to play more horror like cheeser and gained 1,000 subscribers overnight. We would very often see him play a series of games as well.

On Dec 15, 2016, Cory finally hit 1 million subscribers and made a special upload on his YouTube channel for it. When he hit 6 million subscribers on Apr 25, 2020, he posted a new video titled "How I Got 6,000,000 subscribers on YouTube".

As of Aug 22, 2020, he has announced he will be going into retirement when he reaches 10 million subscribers. In "Among Us" he always samurai slices when he is the killer.

Personal Life

We know a little bit about Cory's personal life. Cory lives in his own house while his dog Samson lives with his brother Anthony due to a developed allergy to Samson. (Fun fact, he agreed on the name because of his Fallout 4 lets play when he called Dogmeat-a companion in the game-Samson The Savage. More listed below). He lives in his $400,000 house in South Lyon, Michigan. His dog, named Samson the Savage, is Cory's first pet. Sam joined the Samurai community in May of 2016.[1]

Cory was involved in a car accident in May 2016 with his best friend Brandon. Both were unharmed but Cory's vehicle was badly wrecked.

Cory also has a condition called Ectodermal Dysplasia, which is a rare genetic disorder he had inherited from his father. It causes him to have 24 teeth instead of 36. 


On Cory's channel, he is known for his long hiatuses, where he goes for months without uploading content. This first happened in Feb of 2016 where Cory did not upload for 2 months but came back on April 29 apologizing for his absence.

2 years later, in Jan 2018, Cory took yet another hiatus for 4 months. He returned on May 2018 saying he just didn't feel like he wasn't 100% and he wasn't taking care of himself as much as he wanted. In November, he took a short hiatus after that where he came back 1 month later.

In May of 2019, a year later, Cory did a 100 uploading challenge where he would upload videos for 100 days in a row with NO BREAKS. He uploaded a video 1 month later saying he would take a break and come back on June 16 but did not. The hiatus was the longest ever on his channel, lasting 9 months.

Cory came back April 3, 2020, from his hiatus with a video titled "hey, been a while"[2] stating he has come back to YouTube which became his first video to reach #1 on trending ever. From then on, he had posted consistent videos of him playing games and other things on his channel. His last video uploaded was him playing "Christmas Massacre” A game made by Creators Puppet Combo, which was uploaded a two days ago.

Quotes and Phrases

  • "Get your ankles broke."
  • "Sup YouTube, what's going on, CoryxKenshin here, and WEEELLLLCOME to...(add video content title here)" This is Cory's intro to every one of his videos.
  • "Let's get it!" He said this very often in his Happy Wheels series. The word "in" can also be added at the end of this phrase, it is used both ways an equal amount of times.
  • "Sit back, relax, go grab some snacks" (every spooky scary Sunday)
  • "Y'all don't want these problems." He says this phrase in different tones depending on the content of the video in which it was said.
  • "He kinda thick though"
  • "I am the chosen!" This is usually what he says at the beginning of his gameplays of difficult games that others say are impossible to beat. (Ex, "Getting Over It" by Bennett Foddy). The slash is meant to be there at the end, as it is how it is originally said by Cory.
  • "Catch this work!"
  • "Ankle Breaker don't fail me now!" (He said this while playing "Subnautica").
  • "GET YO ANKLES BROKE!!!" He says this in most all of his content.
  • "LET'S GOOO!!" He says this after he beats games, levels, etc.
  • "What they throw, low cee blow?" Though this is not a well known phrase of his, he said this doing a hot sauce challenge when playing COD, and farther back in his YouTube career as well.
  • "Freak you think you thought this was?"
  • "Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. If you did, be sure to S-S-S-Samurai SLICEEEE that like button. Subscribe today to join the samurai, and until next time my brothas and sistas." This is Cory's outro, and in his most recent outro update, he adds different quotes from the bible, which he changes each time he makes a video. Cory said when playing Detroit: Become Human, while choosing something to paint.
  • "I speak Japanese, I am also black," said in SSS #2.
  • "Shut Up - CoryxKenshin" Yes, you heard that right. He quoted himself. This was a quote Cory made in the first episode of the "Getting Over It" game series. The series that, sadly; only lasted two episodes.
  • "You still freakin talkin - CoryxKenshin" Yes. He quoted himself again. I wrote the previous quote, and this is a quote from the same video as the last.
  • "IT'S YAH BOY TRENDY GAMER PLAYING ALL THE TRENDY GAMES!" Sometimes Cory says it before he plays a game as his other personality of sorts 'The Trendy Gamer'
  • "WOOOOH HOOOO!" Cory usually says it when he screams.
  • "Y'all cant make me laugh" ( says this in his try not to laugh videos in the beginning of the videos)
  • "I ain't laughing tho!" ( says this when he loses a try not to laugh)
  • "saranghae" means "I love you" in Korean.
  • "WOOOOOH WEEEEEH!" (Cory does this to hype himself up after a highlight play)
  • "Up down, up-down" (Cory does this when he first spawns in a game or "left right, left right" but that was only like two times. Up, down, up, down was also was on his taken down merch.)
  • "Take your pills Cory. Take your pills."
  • "Got em, red dot em!" (Cory says this after making a skillful shot in a game that has a sniper
  • "Springtrap got them ankles spring snapped." (Cory said this in TJOC: R Halloween edition)
  • "A game isn't a game until CoryxKenshin has played it - CoryxKenshin"
  • "Spiderman, Spiderman! He was black and he never knew." (Happy wheels)

Nicknames/Alter Egos

Cory not only has a couple of nicknames, but a few aliases used in his skits and/or select series.

  • "CK" - Used as a nickname in most every game he plays that he has to type in names and such.
  • "Co-Rayy" - Used in his Super Seducer series as a sort of alter ego. Co-Rayy is cool, suave, and believes himself to be a super seducer~
  • "SaucyxKenshin" - Used in his Virtual Morality video. Saucy is another alter ego very similar in personality to Co-Rayy.
  • "BambiKilla69" - First seen in Cory's Finding Bigfoot gameplay. Cory (as BambiKilla69) started off the gameplay video with a 4-min skit (One of his longest skits) where he wore leafy camouflage hunting gear and had an Australian accent. He also sported a Nerf® "rifle" which he used to hunt down "Bigfoot." We BambiKilla69 made a second appearance in Cory's COD: WWII gameplay. The last time BambiKilla69 has been seen is in Cory's Sirenhead gameplay where he is hunting him down.
  • "Edward Norton" - Cory's friend in Spooky Scary Sundays who specialised in visual effects and makeup. Cory set him up by asking him to dress up in a gillie suit, artificially reconstruct his face in his likeness and then head down the I94 West highway. He was arrested on arrival by the police for the murder of the family that Cory killed. Shortly thereafter, however, Edward managed to escape from prison, and later began hiding messages at the beginning of a few of the latest episodes of Spooky Scary Sundays. It has been revealed in the latest episode that Edward will return in episode 30 (the next episode), stating "Episode 30, it's all over". But in episode 32, Cory states that Edward Norton was dealt with and done for, but this may not be true as he says it in a suspicious tone.
  • "CoryxConcentrated" - Used whenever Cory is having a particularly difficult time beating a game. He doesn't even talk while he is concentrated.
  • "The Shogun" - A nickname, which he uses after his 9 month break.
  • "The Ankle-Breaker" - Cory takes pride in his "ankle-breaking" skills when he plays video games, so he refers to himself as this.
  • "Chef Kenshin" - "Chef Kenshin is one Cory's alter ego's who does cooking with Kenshin.
  • "Spider-Man" - Pretty self-explanatory. Just Cory as Spider-Man, complete with a costume suit. His Spider-Man persona can be seen in his "Marvel's Spider-Man" PS4 game-play.
  • "CoryxSanta" - This alter ego is a very notable alter ego of Cory. He is well-known for giving out gifts at giveaways in December, generally game consoles.
  • "The Trendy Gamer" -He plays trendy games and also becomes popular very fast(got 7M subs after being gone for 9 months).His editing makes people laugh when he makes mistakes and when he doesn't and should be named best YouTuber of all time

"The chosen" - This alter ego is what he uses in most of his "Try not to laugh series" he says this in a way that its a sign that you cannot make him laugh.[3] Shogun Himself


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